Workshop Coffee Cupping Pack

When it comes to tasting a lot of coffees quickly and efficiently, cupping is the only method that levels the playing field and shows what each coffee has to offer.

Having cupped since we opened Workshop Coffee, our techniques and set-up have been refined over the years; finally, we're pleased to be able to offer our Cupping Pack.

Featuring everything you need to cup (apart from the grinder, kettle and water), we hope this set helps you choose your favourite coffees as the seasons change.

Pack contains:

  • Workshop Coffees: Sample bags of our full selection of filter coffees, plus test roasts if they are available.
  • 12 x Duralex Arôme Glasses: Hardwearing, uniform, photogenic and easy to clean, these are the best vessels we have found for cupping.
  • 2 x Workshop Cupping Spoons: Engraved cupping spoons from W.Wright in Sheffield. A large and a small spoon are included; choose your favourite and order more if required.
  • 6 x Number Tiles: Keep track of what you're cupping with these laser-etched, walnut tiles, numbered 1-6.
  • 0.1g Scales: To maintain consistency and fairness for all coffees, scales are a must.
  • Grind Size Sample: Not to be brewed, instead a reference to ensure you grind to the right degree for a good extraction.
  • Cupping Guide: Featuring instructions on the best procedures to cup, this guide also contains a list of some of the different aromas and flavours found in coffee. Feel free to photocopy or contact us to email the file for printing if required.

    MoccaMaster Thermal Jug

    Using your MoccaMaster you can brew up to 1.25 litres of coffee in around six minutes. Adding extra jugs to your brewer will allow more delicious coffee to be brewed with ease.


    1.25 litre brew capacity.

    Thermal Jug keeps coffee hot and fresh for up to an hour.

    Replacement jugs can be added to increase capacity.

    Salter Brewing Scales
    This large and robust kitchen scale is an ideal platform for home brewing, helping to ensure you hit the recipe every time.
    Bamboo Stirrer

    This simple bamboo stirrer by Hario is perfect for use whilst brewing coffee.

    Made in Japan.

    Buono Kettle


    Stainless Steel Body and Lid.

    Bakelite Handle and Lid Knob.

    1.2L Nominal capacity.

    0.8L Practical capacity.

    Designed in Japan.

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