Wilfa Grinder

First made available in the UK by Workshop Coffee, the new Wilfa CGWS-130B grinder features an improved DC motor that spins at a lower speed than its much-loved predecessor.

Creating less heat whilst grinding ensures the delicate aromatic compounds found in coffee are preserved leading to tastier brews. It is also quieter than the original model and comes in ‘Batman Black’; all improvements we approve of.

Holding up to 250g in its hopper, a timer allowing for grinding the correct amount at the push of a button, a small footprint and incredibly easy to adjust grind settings, brewing AeroPress, V60, French Press or MoccaMaster at home just got a lot easier, not to mention tastier.

Now available pre-fitted with a UK plug adapter, the Wilfa CGWS-130B is ready to improve your home-brewed coffee straight out of the box.

Read more about the Wilfa grinder on our Journal.

Designed in Norway.



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