A sweet, complex cup with flavours of blood orange and black tea as well as guava-like tropical fruit notes. Winey acidity and a juicy mouthfeel precede a clean finish.

Last year we took our first trip to Ecuador after discovering the potential for exceptional quality and exciting flavours with our release from Ruben Guagala’s farm, Finca La Playa. Ecuador, as a country, doesn’t produce a whole lot of coffee,  but they grow a range of interesting varieties, in many unique micro-climates and high altitudes, which can make for floral, layered and complex tasting cups.

This lot comes from a small group of six farmers in the Nanegal parish of Pichincha, located in a cloud forest in the Andes mountain range amidst a diverse wildlife population and abundant natural springs, rivers and cascades. Working with Caravela, they are committed to following proper harvesting and processing protocols, which have resulted in this lot designated an AAA grade; a quality tier reserved for lots scoring 86-87 points in the Caravela cupping lab in Quito.

Alambi is a mixed variety lot, comprised of three somewhat unusual coffees: Typica Mejorado, Tekisic and Sidra.

‘Typica Mejorado’ meaning ‘Improved Typica’ may be a misnomer, as it has been planted widely after some of the workers at an experimental farm run by Nestlé in Pichincha smuggled out some seeds of a high-performing variety they believed to be from a typica selection. After genetic testing on some leaf cuttings undertaken by World Coffee Research the genetics point to the variety is actually a cross between Bourbon and Geisha coffee trees. Tekisic, sometimes referred to as ‘Bourbon Mejorado’ or ‘Improved Bourbon’, also going by ‘Bourboncito’, is a particular strain of the Bourbon variety praised for high cup quality and complexity. Sidra, gaining popularity for its beautiful acidity and sweetness, comes from a Bourbon and Typica cross.

The three varieties in combination taste fantastic, with floral and fruity notes in abundance. We are roasting this coffee carefully and cautiously, trying to tap into a proper development of the entire batch to ensure the natural sweetness of the coffee is at it’s highest while retaining acidity and aromatic complexity. We hope you enjoy the Alambi and are as excited by the potential of Ecuadorian coffees as us in Workshop Coffee’s roastery!


Six small-scale growers

July - October, 2017


Traditionally pulped and fermented, fully washed and sun-dried.


Typica Mejorado, Tekisic & Sidra


Nanegal, Pichincha




1,300 - 1,600 metres


March, 2018