Cedral, Costa Rica

Silky and delicate, hints of vanilla, cashew and rosewater shine through in a balanced cup. A sensation like fresh mint lingers in the aftertaste.

It really is exciting travelling in Costa Rica, a country with some of the most entrepreneurial and forward thinking coffee producers we’ve had the pleasure to meet. On this year’s trip we spent time with some fantastic people, quite often whole families running small scale operations at their micro-mill, who are both keen and willing to experiment in coffee production techniques.

One February evening in Tarrazú, at a party for coffee producers hosted by Nordic Approach at Beneficio Don Eli, we were lucky enough to meet Roger Ureña, a relatively new coffee producer who, a few years ago, bought one of the highest altitude coffee farms in Costa Rica: Finca Santa Teresa located at 2000m. He is a larger than life personality, with a desire to examine and understand every stage involved in producing fantastic coffee. He has employed agronomists to help him become carbon neutral (a long process that he started last year) but also so that he can better understand his soil types, and is planting a wide range of coffee varieties across his farms (including Catuaí, Typica Mejorado, Bourbon, Rume Sudan, Pacamara, Villalobos and Geisha). As well as using patios to dry larger lots of coffees he also has raised beds, including some under shade in a large, well ventilated tent. He uses a Penagos eco-pulper to process the cherry, and this particular lot grown on the very high altitude farm, El Cedral, has had almost all of the mucilage removed before being dried.

As well as this ‘White Honey’ style processing, Roger is experimenting with other types of honey process, along with fully washed and soaked lots. The different soils and varieties being grown, coupled with a range of processing and drying methods, means Roger will be able to build up a portfolio of various flavour profiles to offer a potential customer. This is super exciting for us as we absolutely love the super clean white honey lot from Cedral that we’re just beginning to roast, now that the coffee is around 5 months old. We also have a tiny amount of Geisha from Roger’s Finca Hondura arriving this month that will be a very special and limited release, and is processed and dried at the same beneficio as this lot.

We hope that this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship with Roger, a producer dedicated to quality and diversity, as well as a commitment to sustainable practices for the planet.


Roger Ureña


February, 2017


White Honey


Red Catuaí




Costa Rica


1,900 metres


June, 2017