Connoisseur Gift Set

The Connoisseur Gift Set brings together all the tools you need to celebrate and enjoy the hard work of the farmers and producers we consider ourselves lucky enough to work with. 

Many years of work have gone into your cup of coffee and, in our opinion, it’s worth spending a few minutes to prepare a cup and a few more savouring the flavour. Each Connoisseur Gift Set contains the tools to do just that:

1 x Kinto Coffee Carafe Set: This all-in-one brewer offers all that’s needed to prepare filter coffee for two or three people. 

2 x Source Roast Brew Cups: A bespoke collaboration with Japanese tableware brand Kinto, made from tempered glass.

1 x 250g bag of filter coffee from our seasonal range: Selected from our current range, the filter coffee we include in each set is what’s tasting great right now and so is subject to change.