Fernando Trujillo

Fantastically clean with very prominent milk chocolate and nougat flavours. Sweet apple and pear notes give the cup another dimension. 

During the year we’re lucky if we get to travel just once to each coffee producing country we work in. Thankfully our green coffee importing partners are on the ground more frequently throughout the harvesting period, tasting through hundreds of coffee samples at various exporters’ labs and lining up pre-selections.

This August, Nordic Approach informed us they'd secured coffees from producers in Huila from the June-July harvests, to arrive in the UK three months later. One name on the list caught our eye, as last year we bought a few hundred kilos of coffee from Fernando Trujillo, and it was available again this year! We reserved the lot early, pending approval of a pre-shipment coffee sample. Knowing we would likely be repeat buying coffee from Fernando we arranged to visit him and his family on their farm, Finca Los Altares, this September. The coffee sample came through, and in our opinion, it is just as impeccably clean as his coffee was last year, but is slightly more deep and concentrated than his previous harvest.

Fernando is just one farmer of 70 or so that are part of the Co-Central Quality Program that performs a twofold interconnected approach to improve both coffee quality and the livelihoods of those producers working with the co-operative. As well as technical assistance, such as agronomy training, following up in the field and providing access to fertilisers, Co-Central work to meet the societal needs of their farmers. Building infrastructure at the producer’s farm and house, offering life and natural disaster insurance, running an in-house education program, providing pensions and paying funeral bills are just some of the ways that farmers are supported, not solely in their capacity as coffee growers.

When we arrived at Finca Los Altares, it became evident just how Fernando and his family are turning out these beautiful coffees. The attention to detail and cleanliness of all of the harvesting and processing equipment was admirable. Juan Fernando, Fernando’s 5-year-old son, led the way through the farm, calling at us to keep up. The farm is separated into distinct blocks by the different varieties he is growing, which means we are able to taste single variety selections, this one is solely comprised of the Caturra variety.

As with most farmers, climate change has the effect whereby some trees are in bloom at all times, meaning the harvesting of ripe cherries is time and labour intensive. The outturns are of excellent quality but only small volumes, with this lot amounting to 360kg, but we’re sure you’re going to love it, even if it won’t be in the range for a very long time. Rather than being shipped to us in 70kg GrainPro lined sacks, this year the coffee has been vacuum sealed into 24kg bricks, which go some way to preserving the fresh characteristics of the coffee even better.


Fernando Trujillo at Finca Los Altares

June - July, 2018


Floated and sorted, depulped, fermented for 20-25hrs, washed and dried under parabolic shade.




Tarqui, Huila




1,800 metres


October, 2018