Francisco Alvarado

Deep and satisfying, we’re tasting hedgerow fruit and butterscotch in a balanced cup. Caramels and a black tea minerality linger in the finish.

As part of developing our sourcing and roasting programs, over the last few years we have actively sought out coffees from previously unexplored origins, as well as taking lots processed in a more unusual methods. In the last two years we have begun to travel to and purchase coffees from Ecuador and Nicaragua, and this year we have continued casting the net wider, looking for delicious coffees from Honduras, and we’re pleased to have found our first one!

Honduras produces a lot of coffee, the most out of any Central American country, and we have in the past overlooked samples from Honudras due to unfamiliarty and being wary over the shelf life of the coffees. Since talking with Nordic Approach about their projects in Honduras whereby they are identifying small scale producers with the potential for great quality, we tasted through a bunch of samples and are excited to share with you this lot from Finca El Durazno (Peach Farm). It is produced by Francisco Alvarado and his family in the Masaguara district of Honduras’ Intibucá department.

Grown at 1,700m this lot is comprised entirely of Bourbon, harvested by a team of around 20 coffee pickers before being depulped and fermented overnight, for 18-22 hours. It is then washed with clean water and scrubbed clean before being put out to dry on raised beds under parabolic solar dryers, which helps to dry the coffee uniformly. Francisco’s whole family are involved in the cultivation, processing and drying of the coffee, including his two children. Over the last 9 years of producing coffee at Finca El Durazno he has invested in planting more diverse coffee varieties and making improvements to his processing and drying infrastructure.

Being unfamiliar with the cup profiles of Honduran coffees we aren’t sure how typical this lot is for the region, but compared to the neighbouring producing countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua we are finding this lot from Francisco to taste quite unique. As well as dried rose petals and black tea we are tasting fig, creamy praline, cashew, carob and mildly herbal notes, with loads of brown sugar and butterscotch. By focussing on stretching out the middle section of the roast we’re hoping to accentuate body and sweetness more than a bright acidity in this deep, satisfying filter coffee.


The Alvarado Family at Finca El Durazno

February - March, 2018


Depulped and fermented for 18-22 hrs, washed and dried on raised beds




Masaguara, Intibucá




1,700 metres


September, 2018