French Press

A simple way of brewing filter coffee for larger groups or thirsty households, this stainless steel French Press holds up to 1 litre. It’s a perfect, fool-proof brewer for when you’ve time on your hands to brew and enjoy your coffee.

Form and function combine in this 1L French Press from Bodum.

Having spent years trialling a plethora of French Press, we continually return to this one from Bodum. The double-walled stainless steel thermo press walls keep your brewed coffee hot, whilst the mesh filter is incredibly easy to dismantle and clean -- imperative to ensuring consistently clean, sweet brews.

We’ve chosen the 1-litre version to offer a slow but simple way of brewing up filter coffee for larger groups. For a quicker, hands-off alternative, take a look at our MoccaMaster autobrewer.

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