Jamaica 75% Drinking Chocolate

Jamaica 75% is produced on Bachelor's Hall Estate by Desmond Jadusingh. Once one of the top producing coconut farms in Jamaica, Bachelor's Hall Estate has been focusing on cocoa farming since 2002, which is grown alongside bananas and sugar cane in the St. Thomas Parish on the islands south eastern end. 

With notes of toasted grain, dried fruit and rim, this drinking chocolate makes for a rich and vibrant cup.

Pump Street Chocolate's range of single origin drinking chocolates take their finished chocolates and shave them into delicate flakes to allow them to easily melt into warm milk. The result is a hot chocolate that's rich in flavour with a smooth and silky texture. 


With no added milk powders, each of their drinking chocolates are suitable for vegans. 

Bag weight: 1kg


Cocoa beans
Cane sugar
Organic cocoa butter
Minimum cocoa solids – 85%

Gluten, dairy and nuts are also handled on the production premises