Ramiro Granda

A juicy and tropical coffee, with notes of candied citrus and guava. A refreshing lime like acidity creates a crisp finish.

A relatively recent addition to our repertoire, having only bought coffee from Ecuador for the last three years, we visited the country in 2017 and again in early October last year to improve our understanding and more proactively source coffees. Even so, it still feels like a brand-new origin for us, from which we’re continually learning and having our expectations and preconceptions reset. Spending time in both Quito in the north and Zumba in the south, we're finally beginning to get a feel for just how varied coffees from Ecuador can be regarding cup profile.
Ramiro Granda’s farm, Finca Ingapamba, is located close to the town of San Antonio near Quito in northern Ecuador’s Pichincha region, which in our opinion produces some of the most exciting coffees to come out of South America. In Ecuador’s 2018 Taza Dorada (Gold Cup) coffee competition 5 of the 10 winning lots came from the Pichincha region. In the same locality is the town of Nanegal, home to the producers who produced Alambi, which we purchased, roasted and loved from the 2017 harvest. 
There are a handful of really exciting varieties being grown throughout Ecuador, which seem to be more concentrated and typical to the Northern provinces. We don’t often see Bourbon Sidra, Typica Mejorado and Tekisic outside of Ecuador, and they always create distinctive cup profiles. This lot from Ramiro Granda is entirely comprised of Typica Mejorado. Translating to ‘Improved Typica’ it may well be a misnomer. It has been planted widely after some of the workers at an experimental farm run by Nestlé in Pichincha smuggled out some seeds of a high-performing variety they believed to be from a Typica selection. Genetic testing on some leaf cuttings undertaken by World Coffee Research point to the variety actually being a cross between Bourbon and Geisha.
Our first encounter with this lot was in the cupping lab in Quito in October 2018, when our cupping notes included “sherbet sweets, clean lemon, florals, delicious!” with an extra note that the coffee tasted very closed with the potential to open up and become more expressive. That is exactly what has happened. The delicacy and lightly papery note in the coffee has rested out, and we’re now getting tart lime, juicy citrus and a clean, sugary body. It makes for a great contrast to our other recent release from Ecuador, from Luis Alfonso Abad, which you can taste in our “Ecuador: North/South” Tasting Pack.  

Finca Ingapamba

June to August 2018


Selectively picked, dry fermented for 18hrs, fully washed and dried on raised beds.


Typica Mejorado


San Antonio, Pichincha




1,600 metres


January, 2019