San Ramon Espresso

Aromas of dried fig and marzipan compliment a vibrant, red cherry acidity. Brown sugar sweetness and candied orange peel priced a lingering nougat finish.

Farmed by Guillermo Antonio Juárez this coffee hails from the north of Guatemala’s Santa Rosa region. The name San Ramon refers to the lot of coffee rather than the name of the farm, Finca El Guatalon, and presents a very different flavour profile compared to the other Guatemalan coffees we have bought this year, which come from Huehuetenango. The acidity from Santa Rosa’s coffees, and it’s neighbouring region Fraijanes, seem less citric and complex than those high altitude coffees grown in Huehue, instead offering cherry and cola notes that work so well with the chocolatey backbone and syrupy body this coffee offers. 

Across the 111 hectares that Finca El Guatalon spans, only 16 are dedicated to coffee production. As well as coffee Guillermo grows avocados and pine trees, dedicating a sizeable portion of the estate to being a nature reserve. Whilst the coffee grown features varieties including Pache and Catuaí, the San Ramon lot comes only from the higher altitude portions of El Guatalon, comprised entirely of Caturra and Bourbon, which are planted up to an altitude of 1,800m along with a range of shade trees to protect the coffee from excess sunlight. 

The other crops grown on the farm are much more established, having been in production since the 1920s, with the high quality coffee varieties being planted in the 1990s when Guillermo took over as the fifth generation owner of the land. The cultivation and processing of their coffee has been continually refined, re-examining everything from their agricultural practices and range of coffee varieties to their processing and drying techniques, all in pursuit of better quality coffee and therefore a better price for their hard work. 

During our time in Guatemala earlier this year the two lots of San Ramon stood out on their respective tables amidst the hundreds of bowls we examined, and we knew we had to take the coffee for an espresso release. We hope you enjoy. 


Guillermo Antonio Juárez


February 2016


Fully Washed


Caturra & Bourbon

Santa Rosa




1,550 - 1,800m